MaxMyTV is a Smart box that brings Social TV and Home Automation to your existing TV

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About MaxMyTv

What is MaxMyTV

The box sits between your existing TV and set top box which allows for the broadcast video to be passed through MaxMyTV to your TV which is unlike other products that just bring smart apps to the TV.
We have the video/audio processing capabilities with the box that can effectively improve two areas of the TV experience that we have identified :

  Social TV
  Home Automation

The AirMouse remote control also has a Qwerty keyboard which makes interactions with Apps for Social and Home Automation Devices simple and easy.

What will it do?

Automate and Monitor your Home devices
Bring second screen to first screen
Interact with live TV shows,
Watch detailed game stats overlaid on TV
Keep an eye on Facebook/Twitter and email as sidebar

Our Products:

MaxMyTV smart box
Air mouse remote control
Power-outlet with power meter
Bulb holder
Presence sensor
Door sensor
Temperature sensor
Beeper with accelerometer
IP camera





Bring your favorite second screen apps to first screen.

When you have a big screen in front of you why do you have to shift your focus to your 4 inch phone? With dedicated 'Social' button on the remote control you can fire the Social TV Apps quickly as a sidebar. Social TV Apps makes it easier to join Facebook, Twitter or other second screen conversations right from your TV.


Want to watch game score and statistics at the click of a button?

Want to know how many assists Dwyane Wade has made?
Your TV broadcaster is not showing the stats for quite some time?
Searching for your smartphone to lookup the score?

Now detailed stats about the game with the click of a button on you remote.



Keep an eye on
your email

Tired of having your laptop open for checking emails. Now with email sidebar you can keep an eye on your email while watching your favourite show on TV. This way you will never miss even a bit of both.


Netflix, Angry birds, Youtube, Dropbox..
It's all there.

Ever thought Roku was making TVs smarter with the Apps it brings to the TV. Think again. Apart from our carefully designed Social TV, Sports and Email features MaxMyTV brings millions of Android Apps to your TV. With the AirMouse remote we provide you can now enjoy Android games like Angry birds on your big screen.


(Internet of Things)

Connect and Control anything at your home through MaxMyTV box

Hardware costs has come down rapidly over the past year. The hardware to connect your Power-outlet/sensor to your home network actually costs lesser than Power outlet/sensor itself. With the powerful processor in the MaxMyTV box you can control/monitor the sensors, power outlets and IP cameras.

Home Automation

Control the devices with your mind (atleast make it look like that)

Want your TV to automatically turn on your TV and stream video from your front door camera when someone is at the door? Want to take pictures from all your surveillance cameras and send you by email when some activity is detected at your home? Turn on lights, heat and play music when you enter your home? Now set rules and your MaxMyTV will act like an invisible Robot and carry out your orders.


Power metering

Worried that your power bills shoot up every month

Connect our power-outlet to the devices on which you want detailed analytics,Then View/Compare/Cutdown the power usage just by looking at the statistics on TV.

Prototype Gallery


The new LaughTrack of TV

Claim coupons of your favorite brands from your TV. Finally Ads that are fun to interact!

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